8 Advantages

shen li Zhuo power supply five advantages


Strong brand, a number of certificates

Shenli has 10 years of industry experience. The LED power supply series has been certified by CE, ROHS, SAA, TUV, CB and other international products. Through the national security standards, the quality of the product is more assured, more effective and export trade.


Powerful R & D technical force

The professional R & D team can provide professional custom service according to the needs of different customers and meet all the demand for power supply.


Rich production experience and advanced machine equipment

ICT test: all component parameters test; ATE test: comprehensive electrical parameter test;

IP spray test: actual waterproof performance test

EMC test: the interference test of the product to the power grid and the environment;

High and low temperature box test: -35 C ~+70 C limit environment temperature test;

Automatic aging test line: 100% full load long time power simulation actual use test.


Quality management system and successful introduction of ISO9001 quality system certification

Successful introduction of ISO9001 quality system certification, the realization of the highest inspection standards in the industry, and the guarantee of product quality


Diversification options

The high-end LED power supply, power supply, lighting lamp bulb ceiling lamp power supply, power supply, power supply, light rail lamp light source, lamp, wall lamp, power supply, power supply, solar street lamp buried lights LED lighting power supply, a variety of product solutions you choose, enjoy different options to bring you the same wonderful.


ODM: unconventional special power supply is developed for customers

The urgent customers, think of the customers, the customer's pursuit, is the goal of our hard work.


Good faith casting brand

We uphold the integrity of management, continuous improvement and common development principles, care and partner's attitudes to the sun, the vitality of the corporate image, casting LED industry first-class brand.


An excellent management team

We have an efficient, pragmatic and energetic management team composed of the elite of the industry. We are dedicated to your customers.



Shen Li Zhuo's products are favored by customers both at home and abroad, across the country and expand the overseas market

Deep to seize the opportunity to further excavate and establish a global diversity advantage

To carry out the international layout scientifically and achieve the global leap forward

Increase the investment of R & D, brand and talent, and improve the ability of innovation

In order to make Shenli stand out in the market competition, win the competition and continue to operate.


No best, only better, forge ahead, progress a little bit every day, for the industry to create a first-class brand and struggle!

About Us

Shenzhen Shen Li Zhuo photoelectric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a set of LED drive power R & D, design, production, sales and customer service service in one of the emerging high-tech privat…
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